Probate Law

probateIt is always advisable to hire an experienced California lawyer to handle probate matters because the applicable laws are numerous and often complex. The Law Office of Mitchell A. Port will work with you to navigate the probate process smoothly, allowing you to reap its benefits—such as the elimination of creditors’ claims against the property of the deceased person (the decedent) and the guarantee that the property will pass to the rightful heirs (the beneficiaries)—while avoiding the potentially significant and costly errors that are commonly made by less experienced probate attorneys.

When someone who owns property in California dies, a California court may need to oversee the transfer of property ownership from the decedent’s estate to the heirs, regardless of whether or not the individual has a will. This oversight process is called probate. Probate typically occurs when the decedent owns real estate valued at as little as $10,000 or has other property worth more than $100,000.

To the extent possible, probate should be avoided, and although there are many different techniques that exist under California probate law that can allow someone to avoid probate, there will be cases when probate cannot be avoided, and the process must be started in order to transfer ownership of the decedent’s property to the rightful heirs.

Probate Services

In addition to administering a decedent’s estate, as well as identifying and distributing assets to beneficiaries, Mitchell A. Port, Esquire also offers services for other issues that may require the attention of a probate court, including the following:

  • Lost wills
  • Will contests
  • The removal of executors and trustees
  • Petitions for probate
  • Trust administration
  • Probate litigation
  • Other legal matters that must go through probate,
    including conservatorships (a court proceeding for
    incapacitated and incompetent adults)
    and guardianships (a court proceeding for minors)
  • Post-Mortem tax planning

Our firm has also successfully represented clients in probate cases involving real estate, stocks, bonds and investments of all kinds, such as general and limited partnerships; limited liability companies; sole proprietorships; corporations; and active businesses. In the event that your probate case involves a tax controversy matter, such as unpaid income taxes owed by the deceased or estate taxes, Mitch is an experienced specialist in tax controversy who will offer you simple yet effective solutions.

Probate Litigation

Probate is rarely straightforward. Working with your law firm should be. Probate litigation can be a stressful experience, involving high risk exposure and unpredictable results. You need a lawyer who will simplify the process—not complicate it further. At the Law Office of Mitchell A. Port, the firm is committed to helping our clients find the most direct route to a successful outcome.

When you are faced with probate, choose a law firm that will help you chart the right course. Choose the Law Office of Mitchell A. Port. Attorney Mitchell A. Port will represent you in any probate court in California. The majority of his probate cases, however, take place in Orange County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and Los Angeles County, including the cities of Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Venice, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Inglewood, and the San Fernando Valley cities of Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks, Calabasas, and Encino.

The Law Office of Mitchell A. Port also offers Estate Planning, Tax Controversies, and Business Transactions services. The firm provides specialized, simple—yet effective—and cost-effective advice and solutions.

Please contact Mitch Port at the Law Office of Mitchell A. Port. He welcomes your questions concerning California probate. You can reach Mitch online by completing the form on this page or by sending him an e-mail at: You can also call the firm’s toll-free number at 1-877-ASK-MY-ATTORNEY (877-275-6928). If you live in Los Angeles, call (310) 559-5259.